Yorktown PTA Events

Topic Video link Other materials
Social and Emotional Learning and Young People’s Futures, by Keeth Matheny Video slides and other resources
Understanding and Supporting Executive Functioning, YHS school psychologists Solange Caovan-Hornbake and Bethany Banal Video Slides
Promoting Resilience and Mental Wellness in Teens Through Social Emotional Learning Slides; Calming Room
Student Stress and Mental Health Slides
Student Mental Wellness: Addressing School Stress, Depression and Anxiety Video Excerpted comments from chat; slides
Student Stress and Mental Health Presentation Video Slides. Information about the event.
Student Mental Wellness Video
The StudyPro Executive Function and Study Skills Center Presents:  How Executive Function Skills Improve Student Success Video

Other Presentations

Topic Video Resources
Managing the Moments is a series of short videos presented by the Safe Community Coalition. Each features a local expert discussing timely topics for students and families. Videos
Inova Act on Addiction Summit Video
Coping Now and Later: Building Resilience That Will Last a Lifetime, with Melinda Winner Moyer, hosted by the StudyPro Video
Little-Known Secrets of Paying for College Video The College Funding Coach
The Changing Landscape of Testing and College Admissions hosted by Ann Dolin, M.Ed., President of Educational Connections Video
The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Parent Communication hosted by The StudyPro. FCPS School Psychologists Michelle Scales and Katie Hidalgo Arrieta Video slides
Permission To Feel for Kids: How Adults Can Support Children in Managing Emotions During Challenging Times, CASEL Cares Webinar Series. Dr. Marc Brackett Video
Making Deposits: 5 Ways to Better Connect With Your Child Video
Helping Kids Build Resiliency and Self-Efficacy in the Era of COVID featuring Dr. Jonathan Dalton, the Founder and Owner of the Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Change in Maryland, hosted by The StudyPro Executive Function and Study Skills Center Video
How to Be Your Child’s Executive Function Cheerleader, presented by The Study Pro. Video Slides
Increased Stress In Kids by Denise Pope Video